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We make converting sports and recreational lighting from old to new LED lighting – easy – by using a proprietary process to deliver simplified solutions for all types of sports venues. 

NGU is driven by a competitive spirit, a technology-driven ethos and a NEVER GIVE UP approach to lighting solutions.  We are passionate about helping venue owners and operators transition from old lighting to new lighting.  Our goal is to create improved fan and player experiences by offering innovative and cost effective sports lighting solutions.


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the average venue suffers from dull, halide lighting with antiquated maintenance systems that are costly and difficult to maintain in an era that will soon make them obsolete. Lighting is mission critical to the sports and entertainment events – so we’ve crafted a unique approach to help venue owners and operators transition to smart LED lighting technology in a simple way that provides a dynamic sporting experience for fans and players while increasing maintenance efficiency in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Our competitive spirit and love of the game emanates from within our entire team. As part of the leadership group that first introduced solid state technology into the sports and recreation venue lighting industries in 2012, we are visionaries. We take pride to ensure that venue owners and operators are knowledgeable about the best lighting solutions available to meet their needs and requirements. As true partners, we provide the insight and transparency venue owners need to guide them through the confusing, cumbersome, and often foreign process of adopting new lighting technology. Our unique approach implements lighting technology in a simple and painless way that is highly adaptable to any venue (indoor/outdoor), incredibly efficient and built on smart technology that allows for easy system upgrades. We realize that sports lighting is mission-critical to fans and players, as well as owners and operators.

We love to win – and, to us winning means using technology-driven lighting solutions to help sports venues provide a spectacular fan experience, allow athletes to play in brilliant lighting all while increasing energy efficiency built on smart technology. We inspire you to NEVER GIVE UP — on your home team or your favorite athlete and we will NEVER GIVE UP in finding the best lighting solution for your venue today and in the future.


Our love of the Game and Entertainment compels us to ensure fans enjoy a memorable experience as they watch their favorite players battle it out on the field or court or. Our business expertise, unique approach and high-tech platform ensures operators have brilliant, clear and easy-to-maintain lighting that can switch from sports to entertainment in the flip of a coin toss.



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